Hundebuden's G-Wurf   30.10.2010   2,1


JCH Serenglade Painted Party

JCH Denemore Toy Story

7 Wochen alt / 7 Weeks old




Rüde  / male




Rüde  / male



Guu - Druun 

Hündin  / female


Pedigree for this puppies


Serenglade Painted Party

Denemore Painted Icon

Denemore Treasureicon

Ringlands Treasure Island


Serenglade Sophisitication


Serenglade Painted Lady

Serenglade Silvanus


Serenglade Patdy's Pride


Serenglade Silken Lace

Serenglade Wings Of Victory For Inixia

Serenglade San Vitalia


Panspayon Pansy Potter For Serenglade


Ringlands Safe Keeping At Serenglade

Ringlands Assay


Ringlands Keepsake


Denemore Toy Story


Hundebuden`s Oskar Pondabudens

Queen Bless JP Tri Something

Ringlands Disco Dan

Queen Bless Jp Dream Come True

Ponda`s Florence Fredericke

Toymakers Pice of Cake

D`Vines Amidala

Denemore Rainbow`s Cameo

Tussalud Story Teller

Caswell Prinzipality

Tussalud Classic Tale

Ringlands Rainbow

Ringlands Topitin

Ringlands High Jane