Hundebuden's F-Wurf   06.07.2010   1,1


 INT CH Denemore Iconsruben

MULTI CH Ponda`s Florence-Frederiecke



Feder - Rick   -   male   -   3 months old



Feder - Ricke   -   female   -   3 months old



Pedigree for this puppy


Denemore Iconsruben

Denemore Treasureicon

Ringlands Treasure Island

Ringlands Copyright

Ringlands Stella Star

Serenglade Sophistication

Cleo's Lucky Charmer At Serenglade

Serenglade Sarimandy

Denemore Rainbow`s Cameo

Tussalud Story Teller

Caswell Prinzipality

Tussalud Classic Tale

Ringlands Rainbow

Ringlands Topitin

Ringlands High Jane

Ponda`s Florence-Fredericke

Toymaker's Piece of Cake

Silenzio's Robin Hood

Silenzio's Dancing Master

Silenzio's Simba

Angel-Lady vom Cavalierchen

Toymaker's Take That

Sindy vom Cavalierchen

D`Vines Amidala

Andoraye M`Lord Louie

Betisechien The Enforcer

Jouetchien Designer Maid

D`Vines Calli Co Cutie

Wls Via Kansas

Jet Via California